Review of Indian Tyre Market

Review of Indian Tyre Market

Ram materials largely include all-natural rubber, crude and steel based products which have historically knowledgeable volatility in costs, specifically throughout the last few months when the rate of residential all-natural rubber raised virtually 40%. Offered the fact that raw materials make up around 70% of the cost of manufacturing, combined with the makers’ failure to hand down the raised cost to their customers due to intense competitors, surge in prices of these materials have a significant effect on productivity.

Off the Road Tyres:

In 2014 saw the leading manufacturers, consisting of CEAT and JK Tyres boosting their capability of OTR (Off the Road) tire production. OTR tires are tailored tires and supply fairly higher margin. Enhancing the percentage of OTR in the product mix is seen as a measure to improve earnings.

Enhanced Dumping:

Besides material rate variations and the absence of radicalization, the sector is likewise suffering intense competition from small cost tires from China and other South East Asian nations. Despite being of a better high quality, Indian manufactured tires lose ground when it pertains to pricing. Furthermore, slowing automobile need from industrialized countries has made India a financially rewarding market for economic tires, therefore resulting in boosted disposing of affordable tires from China.


An additional area of worry for the tire makers is the boosting retreading, where the worn out step of the old tire is replaced with a new step. Retreading costs about 20% of a new tire and is consequently acquiring appeal, particularly in the Southern part of the country. Elgin Tyres and Footstep Ltd are the two major retreaters in India. The importance of such retreaters can be gauged by the reality that around 85% of the tire need is for replacement.

Unsolved Tax Problem:

The problem of upside down tax obligation framework, wherein the import obligation on all-natural rubber is 20%, however, import duty on finished Tyre Sales Sunshine is as low as 10% still stays unaddressed. Functional ineffectiveness and tax concerns have been renting the competition of Indian tires.

Review of Indian Tyre Market

Global Expansion:

A number of manufacturers are currently relocating worldwide and are setting up making bases overseas. After acquiring Dunlop 3 years earlier, Beauty Tyres lately obtained Vredestein Band in Europe. JK Tyres got Tornel, a Mexican business in 2015 to pass through right into American tire market.

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