Learn about PATA Cable and Its Pros and Cons

All the products in the field of technology have good and bad sides. The cables are no exceptions to this fact. The Parallel Advanced Technology Cable has both the sides and we should have the knowledge of that. Let’s discuss elaborately.

Advantages of PATA Cable

Drivers and Support

Cables of a computer naturally come with a lot of benefits. They connect the external device to produce good effects and reduce loads of the memory storage. In an example, you may use an external keyboard and mouse for a laptop connecting through a PS/2 cable.

 Not only this, but you may also connect your mobile to a USB cord for transferring the files. These cables are multi-device ones as they support nearly all device categories. Now, in term of multi support devices, we can mention the name of Parallel ATA cable which connects the optical drives and hard drives system’s motherboard.

Drive per Cable

We have gathered the information that PATA cable supports many computer drives without an external plugin. Well, you’ll be amazed to know that this cable can connect two hard drives at a time. Yes, it’s true! Whereas most of the other similar cables can make a connection with a single drive and a system, PATA comes with an exclusive exception. You can hook up to PATA hard drives with one cable.

Disadvantage of PATA Cable

Decreased Data Transfer Rate

Learn about PATA Cable and Its Pros and Cons

The cables are mostly used for transferring data and sharing media files. In case of the advanced technology cables, the function becomes too much specific. Since they are used to make a connection between the hard drives or optical drives and motherboard, the data transfer becomes very crucial. Here, the parallel ATA cables are the poor performers. They allow the data to transfer at a minimum rate. Meanwhile, the SATA cable transfers data at quite a good rate.

Cable management and Length

You may find a problem with the length of any type of cable. The problem mainly raises in case of the charging chords where you want to charge the mobile by sitting on the couch, but the chord length doesn’t allow you to do so. You do face the same problem with the PC connectors too. PATA cable comes with a length of only 18 inches for which you can‘t have the proper flexibility with the drive connections.


Computers are such devices which need a better airflow for a swift performance. You may think that with a shortened length, the PATA cable can provide more air to flow through the internal parts of the system. But it’s not true as this cable has an unfamiliar shape which usually blocks the airflow. The processor can get heated up in this process.

So, you have all the details about the good and bad sides of PATA cable. If you compare this cable with the Serial ATA cable, the Serial cable will lead to quite a difference. Now, you must be thinking about using the SATA cable as the motherboard-hard disc connector. But before that, please go through the article published on Layerpoint.

Andre Warren