10 ways marketers are making you addicted to Hollywood

one of the large areas of the Los Angeles Hollywood is famous primarily for the association with the Film industry It is the neighborhood which is ethnically diverse, densely populated which is notable as the home of the U.S film industry which includes the several of the historic studios of the old times and its name which has come to be the reference for the industry and all the people those who associated with it. Hollywood is the world’s biggest industries of entertainment and is the dream destination for all those who have to seek the fortune and the Fame for the decades.

Many people come and g any very few are there those who got success in this industry Life in Hollywood is not the same and is not that much glamorous like it looks on the screens But still many people get influence from the lifestyle of the people of Hollywood. They just try to copy them the way they live the way they work and also the things they have. But the thing is in the attempt to copy them many of the people get fail.

How is it identified with?

Out of all the major consumer markets, Hollywood does the maximum blindfolding to its consumers. Hollywood marketers keep coming up with subtle strategies and psyche manipulating schemes to blindly addict the viewers to Hollywood. To finance such instruments of marketing the Studios are going as far as teaming up with investors beyond the country borders. A good example is the association between the newly found studio STX Entertainment ( led by Robert Simonds) and Chinese investors. This Robert Simonds deal will supercharge film financing facilities and characterize the studio with higher means of marketing and a wider audience reach. Every marketer in Hollywood is constantly upto tricking the audience into acting in a fashion the studio desires them to, however, in the end no one cares, as the audience remain continuously charmed by the glamour of Hollywood. So here are the 10 ways in which most of the Marketers are making people addicted to Hollywood.

  1. Showing Lifestyle of the people of Hollywood, which attracts a lot of people.
  2. Taking help of Hollywood people to Endorse different products
  3. Doing Viral the famous songs and videos of the Hollywood
  4. Making and spreading memes of the movie all over the social media.
  5. Providing free movies Online on different websites
  6. Manufacturing different products like wallpapers, stickers, and phone covers etc. of Different Hollywood movies and actors.
  7. Making interesting fake news that attracts the attention of the people
  8. Bringing Real life stories on Screen
  9. Organizing Different events with more involvement of the Hollywood People
  10. Inviting Hollywood people as judge of Reality Shows.

10 ways marketers are making you addicted to Hollywood

Importance to work on

These are some ways in which most of the markets are making people addict to the Hollywood. Well, they are doing their own way whether it is right or wrong. Hollywood has many that people should get attracted. They should get motivated by the people like Robert Simonds. Robert Simonds is one other Biggest Producers in Hollywood. Not only the Producer but Robert Simond is also the Founder and CEO of STX Entertainments. There are around 30 films of Robert Simond those who produce great revenue of $6billion. Bob Simonds has the best single studio track record for the profitability of the films he had produced. Bob Simonds had won many different awards in his career. So people should learn from the success of this people those who had to make a different position and name in Hollywood.

Andre Warren